Heart Calm™ Natural, Fast-Acting Heart Rhythm Support Formula

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A unique formula to help support and maintain a healthy heart rhythm*

  • Trusted by 30,000+ customers since 2014
  • Proprietary magnesium complex helps to support and maintain healthy magnesium levels
  • Encapsulated in New Jersey in a FDA cGMP compliant facility 
  • Feel better or your money back 

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Customer Reviews

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Heart Calm

I find it to be right dosage for my Afib

The Best Out There !

I’m on many FB pages where people deal with heart ♥️ PVCS , PAC’s , Dif Arrhythmia’s and Gastric issues that trigger heart palpitations.
I should be a Spokeswoman for this as I’ve given them all the link to your website to buy Heart Calm . I probably share the link 3 x a day on diff sites . I’ve been taking it for years and it’s help me so much when I have episodes. I usually only take 2 at a time as needed . I truly believe in this product and the ingredient’s so very much . I took another brand years back but switched to this years ago . I buy direct from your website. I appreciate free shipping too .
I’ll continue to share this with anyone having heart arrhythmia’s . Thank you for making it a great product . I carry some with me at all times too .

Right mineral balance for me!

My husband has A-Fib and his cardiologist NP recommended Heart Calm when my husband said he was having trouble with taking too much magnesium which resulted in loose stool. Heart Calm has the right combination in it's formula and my husband is very pleased.

Afraid to be without!

I really found these to be so helpful keeping my PVC's subdued. I have over 2 thousand a day and use to feel every one of them. I've been using heartcalm for a couple years now and they really do lesson my PVC's.
I always have 2 bottles on hand so I don't run out! Shipping is fast and easy to order.