Our Story

Vital Biologics was founded in late 2013 with the goal of helping people feel their best. We believe that simple nutritional interventions are often the key to overcoming longstanding, frustrating health challenges. In an industry filled with questionable business practices and companies simply looking to make a quick dollar, we have tried to set ourselves apart by always putting the health, safety and happiness of our customers first. Since our founding, our formulas have helped thousands of customers from around the world feel better. 


Safety, Purity and Potency Guaranteed 

Our formulas are proudly encapsulated in New York in our state-of-the-art, FDA cGMP compliant and NSF certified partner facility. This pristine facility meets or exceeds all industry production standards and employs a rigorous multi-step process to ensure the safety, purity and potency of every capsuled produced. See below for a brief overview of our manufacturing process.


Raw Materials Specifications - All incoming ingredients conform to pharmaceutical standards of purity and effectiveness and meet or exceed the strict Federal requirements of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). 

Acceptance Incoming Raw Materials - No ingredient is accepted at our manufacturing facility unless it is properly labeled and packaged with tamper-evident seals. All incoming shipments must be accompanied by full documentation, including independent certificate of laboratory analysis and a packing slip identifying the product name and our corresponding purchase order number.

Ingredient Testing – Each raw material is inspected at our production facility's laboratory. Our technicians check each raw ingredient for potency and to confirm that they are free of contaminants.

Weighing and Blending – Based on our master formula, each ingredient is weighed, tagged and placed in a separate container. As each ingredient is weighed, both an operator and a supervisor must sign off on the master formula record. This process is repeated as each ingredient is added to the blender. As a final step, the tags from each ingredient are tallied to eliminate any possibility of error.

Weight Variation Analysis – Capsules are weighed every ten minutes during production by quality control technicians to certify that all capsules are of uniform weight. This ensures a consistent dosage. If a capsule is found to have deviated from the targeted weight, manufacturing is halted and re-calibrated.

Capsule Completion - Capsules are polished and spot-checked prior to bottling. This process identifies any partially filled capsules or damaged capsules, which are immediately discarded.